10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (2023)

In the world of digital services, online faxing has become a part and parcel of modern Internet solutions.

Rather than looking for a conventional fax machine, cranking through different settings, and hoping for the best, it’s time to look at the value of a world-class online faxing service.

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (1)

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Usually these online fax services work in conjunction with your email. You just send your scanned page as an attachment in an email and the online email-to-fax service takes care to send the scanned page to an actual destination fax device.

Now on the reverse path, you are usually given a normal toll-free telephone fax number which can be used by destination parties to send you a fax.

When a fax arrives at your assigned fax number, this fax page is usually sent to your email address as an attachment (thus the term “fax to email”).

The beauty of online faxing is seen through the multitude of options available online. Multiple online services are more than happy to provide this type of faxing free of cost either as trial or as a limited service to test their product.

Here’s a look at the ten best free fax online services (which don’t require a credit card) and what makes them an ideal fit if you are looking to try first an online fax service before paying or maybe just send a couple of fax pages for free.

The list below is in no particular order:

Table of Contents

  • 1) FaxBetter
  • 2) Fax Plus
  • 3) Hello Fax
  • 4) GotFreeFax
  • 5) Faxapp
  • 6) VoiplyFax
  • 7) Fax Zero
  • 8) PayGoFax
  • 9) FaxDroid
  • 10) PamFax
  • Final Words

1) FaxBetter

FaxBetter is a heralded service provider that allows users to send and receive faxes without requiring a dedicated physical fax line or a fax machine.

All it takes is a FREE sign-up and a traditional email account. Yes, this means users don’t have to submit credit card details to move forward with the faxing process.

Once the user signs up, they can simply submit the documents and have them promptly sent forward to where they need to be.

Along with having this feature, FaxBetter also allows users the freedom to go through their faxes with a simple email search. This ensures the faxes are readily available whenever the user wants to take a look at them.

FaxBetter is a state-of-the-art online faxing service that continues to set a high standard when it comes to making faxing easier.


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There is a free and a paid option. With the free option you can receive up to 50 pages of fax per month but you can’t send out faxes. You get also a toll-free number which remains dedicated to you if you receive at least one fax every 7 days.

The paid option is $5.95/month and allows both sending and receiving faxes of up to 500 pages/month.

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (2)

2) Fax Plus

With over 800,000 customers worldwide, Fax.Plus continues to be a wonderful solution for those wanting to fax online.

The service provider offers a range of options and also various payment schemes including also a free tier.

This ensures users can sign up for free and gain access to a secure, well-designed platform for all of their faxing needs.

The beauty of going with this service is access to both local and international contacts.

Using nothing more than the built-in platform, users can easily submit the document(s) and move forward with their faxing requirements. The simplicity, reliability, and quality are what make this among the best services online.


The free option allows to send max 10 pages of fax but does not allow receiving faxes.

There are various paid option such as $5.99/month, $11.99/month etc as shown below:

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (3)

3) Hello Fax

Hello Fax is a well-reviewed online faxing service and is appreciated for its customizable elements.

This provider enables users to set up multiple fax lines and have documents sent worldwide in a matter of seconds.

Hello Fax also permits users to keep their existing fax number (which must be transferred to Hello Fax service) without losing their faxes and making sure there’s no downtime.

Once the fax goes through, it will still be available through a customized number and can also be accessed using OneDrive, DropBox, Evernote or Google Drive.

This makes it one of the most flexible and reliable online faxing services available right now.


The free account allows you to send max of 5 free fax pages but does not allow receiving any faxes. There are several paid options also as shown below:

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (4)

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4) GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax is a state-of-the-art online faxing service that is free of cost, efficient, and designed to optimize a user’s experience.

All users gain access to the company’s built-in platform and can submit three pages per fax and 2 free faxes per day. The operation of sending a fax is done fully on their website.

GotFreeFax currently allows users to submit two FREE faxes per day and doesn’t bombard the process with ads.

It’s a clean, efficient setup that is ideal for those who want to move forward with the process using an encrypted connection and also for those who don’t have too many requirements.

Users can easily visit the main page and start submitting faxes. The straightforward nature of this platform is what makes it a very simple and hassle-free fax provider in the industry.


Unlike the other services in this article, GotFreeFax pricing structure is based on credits and one-time payments. There are no monthly fees as shown below:

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (5)

5) Faxapp

Faxapp is a well-noted online faxing service and provides users with a comprehensive 10-day FREE trial.

This trial allows users to send and receive faxes for free. In order to send a page just submit your documents (PDF, Microsoft word etc) online without requiring additional software or a credit card.

Simply sign up for the free trial, submit the document, and watch as Faxapp does the rest. The quality of this free trial is what makes it a great solution for those in a rush.

Quickly visit the online platform, submit the relevant data, and watch as the faxes are sent out to where they need to be.

For receiving faxes, the service ensures all users are directly sent all of their faxes to their email account.


In addition to the 10-day free trial, there are various paid options as shown below:

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (6)

6) VoiplyFax

VoiplyFax is a top-tier online faxing service and provides each user with a distinct fax number tied to their email address. You can send or receive faxes just by using your computer, phone or tablet.

This ensures the user gains access to all of their relevant documents and can store them to their heart’s content.

VoiplyFax also takes the time to make sure the process is as straightforward as it needs to be by requiring nothing more than a simple email address.

Once the email address is submitted, users can easily move forward with their local and/or international fax.

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Along with having a streamlined faxing setup, the provider also is SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA compliant.

In order to send a fax page, just send an email to 1[fax-number]@voiplyfax.com with your page as an attachment to the email. For receiving, you just get the fax on your email address.


With the Free fax account, you can send and receive up to 50 pages/month (no credit card required just like the other services in this article). Anytime you need a fax number to receive a fax, you can reserve a temporary number for 48 hours (after that you can reserve a different number)

There is also a paid business subscription service ($11.16/month) with much more features as shown below:

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (7)

7) Fax Zero

With FaxZero, users can quickly send FREE faxes to anyone in the USA or Canada. This is a well-designed and simple faxing service that is ideal for those who want to move forward with their fax in seconds.

The homepage provides immediate access to the service and allows users to fill in information without wasting time. It is very similar to GotFreeFax service described before in this article.

Each user is allowed 5 free faxes per day and each fax can include up to 3 pages + a cover.

This is valuable for those looking to send a few faxes out at the same time without spending a dime.

For more pages there is a pay-as-you-go option as shown below:


The free option as described above allows max of 5 free faxes per day (with maximum 3 pages per fax).

10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (8)

8) PayGoFax

PayGoFax is all about speed, efficiency, and security. Users can quickly submit the online fax form, upload their pages, and watch as the online faxing service takes care of the rest.

The entire setup focuses on people who want something quick and simple, and everything is managed through the submitted email address.

Users can send up to three pages per fax FREE of cost.

This is ideal for those in a rush looking to send a fax as quickly as possible without having to use conventional fax machines. Everything is managed through the PayGoFax platform.


The free option does not require any credit card info. The paid option is $1.99 + $0.20 per page (1-5 pages) or even cheaper for more pages as shown below:


10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (9)

9) FaxDroid

FaxDroid is an online faxing service designed to provide a crisp, professionally-handled experience to its users.

This is done by providing a dedicated fax number during the submission process allowing users to fully personalize the fax. This includes sending and/or receiving faxes to the dedicated fax numbers (only for the Free Trial and paid accounts).

The totally Free option (known as Guest Fax) allows up to 6 free pages daily (only sending) and does not require a credit card or registration.

There are several subscription paid plans as well which are shown in the pricing section below.

FaxDroid also guarantees delivery on all valid faxes and makes sure everything is verified using email notifications. This keeps users up-to-date with high security standards as well.

After signing up with FaxDroid, users can send up to six pages through the company’s online faxing platform. This keeps things organized and makes sure users can send everything they need to in one go (this is their “On Demand Fax” service).


10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (10)

10) PamFax

PamFax is a top-tier web browser faxing service that guarantees security, flexibility, and comfort to its users.

The faxing service can also be used using their customized local application on Android, macOS, and Windows.

The platform currently accepts 100+ file formats and even allows users to go through a separate portal when using a public computer.

The process itself is simple as users sign into the portal, go through the document submission phase, and ensure the fax is sent using a dedicated number.

This service provider also verifies everything using emails, SMS messages, and/or Skype messages.

There is a free trial option as well, together with various other paid plans and rates.


10 Best Free Fax Online Services with no Credit Card Requirement in 2022 (11)

Final Words

These are the ten best free fax online services that don’t require a credit card. Feel free to take a look at these options and choose the one that works best for your needs.

There is nothing better than hopping online, using an online faxing service, and making sure your document gets to where it needs to be promptly.

The speed and efficiency of online faxing cannot be underestimated and that’s what makes it a fascinating new-age alternative compared to an old technology which is the traditional fax machine connected to a physical telephone line.



Are there any truly free online fax services? ›

Three services are the best for free faxing: Fax. Plus, HelloFax, and FaxZero. Fax. Plus lets you send 10 pages for free (ever for your account).

How can iFax without a card? ›

So, how to send free fax without credit card?
  1. Open FAX.PLUS website on your web browser (if you are on mobile, you'll be redirected to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the FAX.PLUS faxing app)
  2. Either use your email to register or simply sign up with your Google or Facebook account‍

How can I send unlimited faxes online for free? ›

Sending Free Online Fax
  1. GotFreeFax is a free web service that allows you to send free faxes to any number in the USA or Canada. ...
  2. FaxZero is a simple-to-use fax service with a good number of free daily faxes. ...
  3. FAX. ...
  4. FaxBurner is a free-to-use faxing service that allows you to send and receive a fax for free.
13 May 2021

How can I send a fax through Google for free? ›

Send a Google Fax Using Gmail

Just start a new Gmail message, add your recipient's fax number followed by “@efaxsend.com,” attach your fax, and hit send. You can also receive faxes to your Gmail account.

Is there a totally free fax app? ›

One of the best free fax apps for Android is iFax. The app allows you to send and receive faxes right from your Android smartphone or tablet. Faxes are sent over an internet connection, so you'll need to have a Wi-Fi or data connection to use this app. Using the iFax app for Android for free is easy.

Is there an app that sends faxes for free? ›

Effortlessly Send and Receive Faxes From Your Phone

The free eFax mobile apps are the perfect complement to your eFax service. Our fax app for iPhone and iPad and the fax app for Android put all the functionality of eFax right on your mobile device. And more!

What can I use instead of a fax? ›

Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud sharing services are great for sending and receiving documents with sensitive information or PHI. Although cloud sharing is more secure to use than faxing, it's worth noting that breaches are still common, which calls for extra data protection.

Can iFax through Gmail? ›

Using an online service is now the most popular way to send fax messages. In order to do so, however, you need an online fax number. This can be linked to your Google account, thereby enabling you to send fax within Gmail, Docs, Drive and Sheets, and to receive faxes directly to your inbox.

What is the best app to send and receive faxes? ›

Best Fax App: eFax

eFax offers all of the features you need to send and receive faxes as easily as possible, making it the best fax app for both iPhone and Android. Customer reviews agree: it's the best.

Does easy fax cost money? ›

The first fax is always Free! Download Easy Fax and turn your iPhone or iPad into a full-featured and powerful fax machine in a second. Save time and money with Easy Fax by skipping old-school fax machine or fax office.

Is Google fax plus free? ›

Available for free to all FAX. PLUS users. Easy, fast and secure way to send fax from Google Apps. Use your Google account to sign up & login to your FAX.

What is the best free eFax service? ›

Top 7 Free Online Fax Software in 2022
  • CocoFax.
  • RingCentral MVP.
  • mFax.
  • HelloFax.
  • XM Fax.
  • WestFax.
  • iFax.

Can iFax from my Google account? ›

FAX. PLUS - Online Fax Service - Google Workspace Marketplace. Send fax securely from Google applications, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail. It's fast, easy, and reliable.

Is fax zero really free? ›

Free Online Faxing: FaxZero is 100% free for online faxing within the US and Canada. The free fax service works for a maximum of three pages plus a cover page and is good for up to five free faxes per day. So including the cover page, you can send up to 20 pages per day using FaxZero without paying a dime.

Can you send a fax from a cell phone? ›

Download and install FAX. PLUS App from Play Store. Sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account or your email (You also need to verify your phone number).

Does Google have a fax app? ›

With FAX. PLUS Google integration, you can fax your spreadsheets and documents directly from Google Sheets and Google Docs. To fax your documents and spreadsheets, make sure you have already enabled Google fax (install the add-on and create a user using your Google account) and then: Open the document you wish to fax.

What is always required when you are sending a fax? ›

What information is needed to send a fax? You only need a couple of things to send a fax: your fax documents and the recipient's fax number. You can also use a fax cover sheet if you'd like to add details such as who the fax is for and what it's about.

What's the easiest way to fax something? ›

8 ways to fax online
  1. Fax using email. You can easily send online faxes through your email service provider using just your smartphone or computer. ...
  2. Fax via VoIP. ...
  3. Fax from a computer (Windows or macOS) ...
  4. Fax via Google Docs. ...
  5. Fax using Microsoft Office. ...
  6. Fax from iOS devices. ...
  7. Fax from Android devices. ...
  8. Use an online faxing service.
9 Dec 2021

Can I use my email as a fax number? ›

There is no “out of the box” way an email program can send a fax. An online fax service, fax server, or connected fax machine is required to enable email to fax and fax to email. You can send and receive a fax with email by using an online fax service, including email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook.

What is the difference between fax and iFax? ›

Fax machines are not supportive of flexible work. They are not mobile or remotely connective. eFax, however, is a completely remote experience. You can send online fax from anywhere you have an internet connection, which means flexible working becomes easy for anyone who needs to send fax as part of their job.

Is Microsoft iFax free? ›

​ ​Free​ ​incoming​ ​fax​ ​number! ​ ​Get​ ​your​ ​own​ ​local​ ​or​ ​toll-free​ ​inbound​ ​fax​ ​number​ ​in​ ​US,​ ​Canada,​ ​UK​ ​and many​ ​other​ ​countries​ ​with​ ​a​ ​FREE​ ​7​ ​day​ ​trial. ​ ​Trial​ ​is​ ​valid​ ​for​ ​US​ ​numbers​ ​only.

How can I send and receive free faxes online? ›

To send free fax online from your computer, you need to:
  1. 1.) Sign up for a free iFax account. You can sign up using your email, Google, or Microsoft account.
  2. 2.) Click the New Fax button and enter your recipient's fax number. ...
  3. 3.) Upload or attach your documents. ...
  4. 4.) Click Send and wait for the app or email notification.

Where is the cheapest to fax? ›

The most popular traditional fax services today are Office Depot, Staples, FedEx and UPS.
The Best Fax Services Near You.
Fax ServicePrice Per Page*
Office Depot$1.59

Does Google scan your Gmail? ›

We do not scan or read your Gmail messages to show you ads

The process of selecting and showing personalized ads in Gmail is fully automated. These ads are shown to you based on your online activity while you're signed into Google, however we do not process email content to serve ads.

How can I send a fax over the Internet? ›

How to Fax Over the Internet:
  1. Sign up for an online faxing service.
  2. Choose your fax number.
  3. Attach your document(s) to your email or a new fax message.
  4. Your faxing service translates the attachment and sends it.
  5. The recipient's fax machine decodes the data and prints the fax.

How do iFax for free from 2022? ›

Top 7 Free Online Fax Software in 2022
  1. CocoFax.
  2. RingCentral MVP.
  3. mFax.
  4. HelloFax.
  5. XM Fax.
  6. WestFax.
  7. iFax.

Can iFax from Gmail? ›

FAX. PLUS - Online Fax Service - Google Workspace Marketplace. Send fax securely from Google applications, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail. It's fast, easy, and reliable.

Is there a totally free fax app for iPhone? ›

Fax Burner turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod into a fax machine. The only app available where you can get started completely FREE. Every time you need to receive a fax just push one button and we'll give you a toll-free fax number that you can use for up to 24 hours.

How do I get a temporary fax number? ›

The way this is done is through number porting. The process takes your current fax number and transforms it into a digital line, allowing you to fax through the internet. The transition can take up to a week to be completed, but most services will give you a temporary number in the meantime.

How can I send a fax from my cell phone? ›

How To Fax from a Phone
  1. Get an Online Fax Account: Sign up for eFax to be able to fax over the internet.
  2. Download & Open the App: Get the app for iOS or Android - free with any eFax subscription.
  3. Compose a New Fax: Tap the pencil icon to begin a new fax message.
  4. Add a Recipient: ...
  5. Attach Your Fax: ...
  6. Send the Fax:

Can you fax directly from email? ›

Fax using email

You can easily send online faxes through your email service provider using just your smartphone or computer. Attach the document, enter the fax number, and email it. Email faxing requires a subscription to a reliable internet faxing service.

What is the best free fax for iPhone? ›

5 Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone in 2022
  • CocoFax. CocoFax is one of the most reliable and secure fax apps for iPhone, which is dedicated to providing better business communication. ...
  • FAX. PLUS. ...
  • RingCentral. ...
  • eFax. ...
  • JotNot Fax. ...
  • Conclusion.


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