Fax Online with eFax | Your Completely Digital Faxing Solution (2023)

No fax Machine Required.

eFax® UK’s premium online faxing service allows you to easily send and receive faxes over the internet by means of email or via the eFax mobile app, using your PC or Mac computer or mobile device (either tablet or smartphone).

Once you have decided to use the eFax UK internet faxing service, you will then have the choice of keeping your existing fax number or getting a new one, allowing you to easily set up a virtual office. With our quick and easy set up you will be taking control of your company’s faxing needs within minutes.

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Why not just email your documents?

Internet faxing is often confused with email, with many potential customers asking questions such as, “Is an internet fax not just another way of saying email?”. While the two messaging services do appear to be quite similar at first glance, when we look into them more closely there are some very important differences that set them apart. Indeed, online faxing services actually have some key advantages which emails do not.

The main benefit of opting for internet faxing solutions over email for your business is a very practical one. To put it simply, you cannot send an email to a fax machine unless you use an online fax service such as eFax®. This is why faxes are still very much part of the modern business’ IT infrastructure, even though newer technologies such as emails and cloud-based storage systems have become intertwined with the 21st Century workspace.

The Advantages of Online Faxing Services

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Simple & Easy to Use

eFax® UK’s online fax solutions are very easy to use and don’t require any complicated software or hardware installations, updates or upgrades. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to go!

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No Obligation Subscription Services

With eFax UK’s rolling monthly business contracts, you can cancel your subscription at any time should you ever have the need to do so. This fair system gives eFax UK’s customers short term flexibility and prevents them from being tied down to a lengthy contract for a service they are not actively using anymore.

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Private & Secure Connections

All faxes which are sent via the eFax UK online faxing service are sent directly to your email inbox, ensuring confidentiality, security and privacy, so you can conduct your online business transactions in confidence.

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Save Money with eFax UK

If your company is currently making use of a traditional hardwired fax machine, you could potentially save your business a lot money by making the switch over to the eFax® UK bespoke set of business features. The many advantages of switching over to eFax include saving money on fixed line rental, machine maintenance and paper, ink and toner costs.

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Save Time & Increase Productivity

You can greatly improve company productivity and business efficiency by managing your faxes from your computer. The use of online fax services will allow your company to avoid paper jams, toner replacements and lost faxes, making for a much more efficient and less stressful office working environment.

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eFax UK's Features

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Fax By Email

The eFax® UK service links up with your email address to make sending and receiving a fax over the internet as easy as sending or receiving an ordinary email.

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Archive Your Faxes

With eFax, you can quickly and efficiently look up and locate sent and received faxes and view their confirmation receipts which come complete with accurate time and date stamps.

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Send Faxes To Multiple Recipients

You can send a fax to more than one fax number at the same time and receive a confirmation for each fax sent.

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Fax Over Mobile Devices

You can now use your mobile smartphone or tablet device to send business faxes from any place at any time by using our eFax® UK iOS or Android apps or accessing your online account.

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Multiple Users At Once

The eFax UK services allows up to 5 individual users with separate email addresses to use the same fax number, meaning your full team can make good use of the one eFax account without having to pay extra.

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Fax Online

Your business can send and receive faxes from any browser, whether you are using a traditional personal computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, by signing into your eFax® UK account online.

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eFax Reviews

Of course, you shouldn’t simply take our word for it when we say that eFax UK’s bespoke set of online faxing tools are a worthwhile and valuable investment for your company. When investing in any new business service it is always good practice to look up the views of industry experts. Fortunately, eFax UK is held in very high regard by those in the know.

Below are some quotes from reviewers who were very impressed with the eFax UK suite of tools:

Lee Clarke,

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PortWise, Inc.

"eFax has proven to be a viable low-cost alternative to traditional fax options - highly recommended for companies of any size."

No obligation. No set-up fees. No risk.

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What is the difference between a fax and an eFax? ›

eFax is a completely digital fax system that allows businesses to send fax documents over the internet. There is no fax hardware required, nor do you need special setups. Fax is sent from your computer, smartphone or tablet using our online solutions.

Why is my eFax not coming through? ›

I am Not Receiving Faxes

The most common reason for not receiving faxes is listing the wrong email address for receiving faxes in your Account Preferences. To verify the email address at which you are receiving faxes: Log in to eFax MyAccount. Click Account Details.

How do I know if my fax went through eFax? ›

When you send a fax, a confirmation receipt will be sent to your email address, confirming successful transmission. You can also view the send activity log in your online account. To view activity logs online: Login to eFax MyAccount.

How do you send a fax via eFax? ›

How Do I Send Faxes by Email with eFax?
  1. Create a new email message.
  2. In the “To:” field, enter the recipient's fax number followed by @efaxsend.com. For example: ...
  3. Attach the file(s) (10 maximum) you would like to send as a fax. To include a cover page, type the text in the body of the email message. ...
  4. Click Send.

Does the IRS accept eFax? ›

If you're uncomfortable emailing your documents, you can send them to your assigned IRS employee with eFax, established secure messaging systems or mail.

How long does it take eFax to send a fax? ›

How long does it take for a fax to be sent? Usually the fax will be sent within a few minutes (approx. 60 seconds per page), but can take longer if the receiver's fax line is busy or if the line gets disconnected. Our system will retry twice, for a total of three billable attempts.

How long does it take for eFax to send confirmation? ›

How Long Does it Take to Get a Fax Confirmation? Getting a fax confirmation doesn't take any longer than sending the fax itself. Once you hit send, a fax can be transmitted successfully in as little as a few seconds to a few minutes.

Why is my fax failing? ›

Faxes can fail for a variety of reasons, such as sending to a non-working or non-fax number, a recipient listing their number on the National Do Not Call List, a recipient line being continually busy or out of paper, or if there is noise or interference on the line.

Why is my fax sending but not receiving? ›

Fax issues where you can send, but not receive is typically an issue with the phone line or incorrect setup. If received faxes seem to be going through, but isn't printing and there is no error message, refer to Faxes are received but not printing out (Fax Preview) to confirm that the Fax Preview feature isn't enabled.

Does a fax go through if they dont answer? ›

Fax machines will automatically retry calls in case the receiving end fails to answer. It is easy to adjust the number of times the machine redials by just checking your machine.

Is eFax free? ›

eFax Messenger ® is a free fax software tool you can use to edit and send faxes from your personal computer. You can view, edit, crop, highlight, sign and send your faxes in this desktop app without ever needing to print or scan your fax documents.

Does eFax give you a fax number? ›

eFax offers local fax numbers in area codes across the country, so you can create a local business presence in your hometown and in any additional, specific markets you want.

What is eFax and how does it work? ›

eFax® uses the printer Internet connection to send and receive faxes. When you send a fax, it is sent over the Internet to the eFax® server and then eFax® sends your fax to the recipient's fax machine over a standard phone line. Your faxes are received in a similar manner, but the order is reversed.

How much does it cost to send an eFax? ›

Why You Shouldn't Waste Time Searching for "Fax Services Near Me"
Price – Single Document (per page)$0.15 or less$1.89
Price – Extra Documents (per page)$0.15 or less$1.59
Price – International (per page)$0.15 or less$5.00
Hours of Operation (local time)24/7/3658am-7pm | M-F
2 more rows

How is eFax better than fax? ›

Online faxing is much faster and eliminates the downtime that you might spend waiting to send or receive a fax through a physical fax machine and landline. Plus, with online faxing, there are no busy signals! You can send and receive faxes simultaneously without clogging the system or having to wait for a dial tone.

Is eFax as secure as regular fax? ›

How Secure Is Online Faxing? Online faxing with a platform like eFax is safe. While an Internet connection can be hacked, online fax services like eFax encrypt documents so that they are kept secure and private in transit.

How do I know if IRS received my fax? ›

Will the IRS provide a fax confirmation or receipt? No. The IRS will not provide a confirmation or receipt. Please check your fax transmission log to verify that all the Form 3115 pages were sent.

Is it better to fax or mail form to the IRS? ›

Fax or mail, pick one. If mailing documents, use a certified mail service. Send Copies: Never ever send originals. The IRS might lose your documentation, and they certainly won't mail it back.

Does eFax go to email? ›

All faxes sent to your eFax number will arrive in your inbox as attachments to an email from eFax. They will come from the email address: message@inbound.efax.com.

What is the best way to send a fax online? ›

SRFax is the best online fax service for professionals and anyone else who needs to send and receive faxes on a regular basis. It has the lowest-priced subscription plan of the fax services we reviewed, and it has the best prices on a per-page basis for high-volume faxing (sending or receiving over 100 pages a month).

Does a fax go through immediately? ›

If you send a fax from a machine, it usually takes around 30 seconds to a minute per page. If you send a fax online, it's usually much faster 一 sometimes, it's sent instantly.

Is eFax more secure than email? ›

However, it's extremely difficult for hackers to use this method to trick someone into giving away their passwords or other vital information with a fax machine. Online faxing is far more secure than email for almost every use case.

How do I resend a failed eFax? ›

Resend Failed eFax Referral
  1. Click the detail icon of the eFax with the failed status. The Referral Details page opens.
  2. Verify the name of the Recipient, Fax Number, and Speciality is correct. ...
  3. Click Resend eFax. ...
  4. Refresh the Referrals page and verify the eFax successfully sent.
Jan 13, 2022

How do I fix no answer fax? ›

When you receive a "Reason: No Answer", FaxBetter recommends that you:
  1. Double-check that the fax number you are attempting to send to is the correct fax number.
  2. Call that fax number from a voice line. ...
  3. Wait 24 hours and attempt to resend the fax.
May 7, 2020

How can I test if my fax is working? ›

You can test/confirm your fax number is working with these few quick steps:
  1. Call your fax number (including area code) from your mobile or a landline. You should hear a fax tone immediately.
  2. Send a test fax to your fax number via email or follow the steps below.

Why can't you fax from a cell phone? ›

The use of digital signals is the main reason why you can't just connect a fax machine to a cell phone and expect it to work. The two devices use different methods to send and receive data, so they are inherently incompatible. However, it is still possible to connect fax machines to your smartphones.

Why is my fax taking so long? ›

If your fax takes a very long time to send, it's likely that your fax contains a lot of pages. A page takes about 2 minutes to send, and that's if the fax machine of your recipient responds immediately.

How long does it take a fax to transmit? ›

Sending a fax takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute per page of text (assuming a clear connection for both machines and using today's technology). Graphics, fax machines that have been modified to send slower, and lousy phone connections can drastically slow the transmission speed down.

Why is my fax pending delivery? ›

Delivery Pending - This means that your company's fax server is trying to deliver your fax to its recipients.

Can I fax from my computer without a phone line? ›

Yes, you can! The beauty of an app like MyFax is that you don't need a landline to send or receive faxes. Instead, you can use your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Can you fax over the Internet? ›

You can fax over the internet and eliminate the need for expensive, complex technology. Online faxing essentially turns your documents into a format that a fax machine can read—and vice versa. Luckily, there's no learning curve involved to get started with this.

Can you fax from a computer for free? ›

Three services are the best for free faxing: Fax.Plus, HelloFax, and FaxZero. Fax.Plus lets you send 10 pages for free (ever for your account). HelloFax lets you send 5 pages for free. FaxZero lets you send 5 faxes per day for free, and each fax can include 3 pages plus a cover.

Can I eFax from my phone? ›

Yes. The eFax® Mobile App for iOS and Android puts all the functionality of your eFax service right on your mobile device. With the mobile fax app, you can view, edit, sign and send faxes on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Is Google fax free? ›

Fax PDF files and Documents directly from your Google Docs. Simple and free online fax service. You can simply open your PDF file from your Google Drive or choose a PDF file from your computer and we can send them as Fax to any fax number in the world.

Can you fax for free with Gmail? ›

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Google does not offer a standalone free fax service. However, you can still fax using Gmail without paying a fee. To do so, you'll need workspace integrations that would connect an online fax service to your Google account.

Can I receive a fax to my cell phone? ›

You can also receive fax on your Android or iOS mobile phone through a dedicated fax app, as well as your computer or laptop through different applications such as Slack or a web browser.

How do I get a digital fax number? ›

How to Receive Fax Online
  1. Sign up for an account on FAX.PLUS.
  2. Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to from our plans & pricing page.
  3. Select the country and area you wish to get a dedicated fax number from.
  4. Finalize the process by making the payment.
  5. Your fax number is ready to receive faxes 24/7.

Where do I put my fax number on eFax? ›

How Do I Add a Fax Number to My eFax Account?
  1. Log in to eFax MyAccount.
  2. Click Account Details.
  3. Click the Preferences tab.
  4. Beside the Current Plan section, click the Add a Number option.
  5. Search for and select the area code for your new eFax number. Then click Continue.
  6. Click Add a Number.

What is the difference between eFax and email? ›

eFax enables increased communication functionality that you could not achieve through normal providers. With eFax, you can: Send a fax document directly from your email to a fax machine. Achieve better legal authenticity through timestamps and accurate date certification.

How many pages can you send with eFax? ›

Technically speaking, there is no limit as to the number of files that you can upload and fax out. However, we would like to recommend users not to send out more than 50 pages or 5 Mbytes of information at a time.

How do I use eFax for free? ›

Send A Fax with the eFax Mobile App
  1. Download the Free App. Get the free eFax Mobile App from the App store or Google Play Store to fax using your phone.
  2. Create a New Fax. Open the app and click "Send Faxes" to get started.
  3. Select Your Recipient. ...
  4. Upload Your Attachments. ...
  5. Hit Send, and That's It!

What is the best free eFax service? ›

Top 7 Free Online Fax Software in 2023
  • CocoFax.
  • RingCentral MVP.
  • mFax.
  • HelloFax.
  • XM Fax.
  • iFax.
  • WestFax.

What is difference between fax and eFax? ›

eFax is a completely digital fax system that allows businesses to send fax documents over the internet. There is no fax hardware required, nor do you need special setups. Fax is sent from your computer, smartphone or tablet using our online solutions.

What are the benefits of eFax? ›

With eFax, you can send documents and files as quickly and easily as sending an email. We even offer large file sharing services for documents up to 3GB in size and for up to 20 recipients at a time. There is no more risk of files getting marked as spam, bounced from a full inbox, or blocked by the email provider.

What is the most secure way to fax? ›

The answer depends on many factors such as the type of encryption being used.
  • 256-Bit Encryption. Premium online fax services deploy 256-bit AES encryption for fax transmission. ...
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ...
  • Two-Factor Authentication. ...
  • HIPAA-Compliant Fax Software or App.

Can I send a regular fax to an eFax number? ›

How Do I Receive Faxes with eFax? Your eFax® number allows you to receive a fax from anyone, even those without an eFax account, just like a regular fax number. All faxes sent to your eFax number arrive in your email inbox as either a PDF or TIFF attachment.

Why is fax discontinued? ›

As ubiquitous as fax machines were in the 1980s and 90s, their obsolescence comes amid the industry-led migration from the public switched telephone network to all-internet protocol (IP) telephony, which means that fax machines will no longer work in the same way.

How much does it cost to use eFax? ›

How Much Does eFax Cost? eFax offers two paid tiers: Pro and Plus. eFax Plus costs $16.95 per month and includes 150 pages of incoming faxes and 150 pages of outbound faxes. eFax Pro costs $19.95 per month and includes 200 pages of incoming faxes and 200 outbound faxes.

Does eFax require phone line? ›

Is a Phone Line Required to Send or Receive Faxes from a Printer? Yes, you need a phone line to fax from a printer. However, if you don't have a phone line to connect to your printer, you may sign up for an online fax service like eFax to fax from a printer—no phone lines necessary!

Do I need a phone line to eFax? ›

An online fax service, which easily operates with an internet connection. These services, such as eFax, provide secure, convenient ways to fax without a landline.

Can I use my own fax number with eFax? ›

Can I Port My Existing Fax Number to eFax? Yes! One of the advantages of eFax® is that you can enjoy all the convenience and cost savings of an online fax service without sacrificing the fax number you've already established for your business.

Does eFax work well? ›

Does eFax really work? eFax does work. It offers users incoming and outgoing fax options and can be used anywhere.

Is eFax safer than email? ›

Online faxing is far more secure than email for almost every use case. It's safe because it's not as easy to compromise as an email.

Does anybody still use fax? ›

Fax machines may seem outdated, but faxing continues to be a staple of business communications. It's still as relevant as ever. Let's explore why faxing still holds a critical place in modern communication and document sharing.

What has replaced faxing? ›

Fax machines were ubiquitous in offices in the 1980s and 1990s, but have gradually been rendered obsolete by Internet-based technologies such as email and the World Wide Web. They remain particularly popular in medical administration and law enforcement.

Does anyone use fax anymore? ›

Many organizations throughout the world still depend on fax to transmit mission critical documents, seventy percent of american companies use faxing for their important documents. When you need a signature on paper nothing gets it done quicker then fax.


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