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We ended our Goa trip with Palolem beach, and it was truly the prefect way to say goodbye. The vibe in the south is definitely more laid back than the north, and the whole Palolem area is really nice to walk around. There are so many shops and restaurants that one could easily spend their entire vacation there and not get bored.
We walked all the way to the furthest point on the beach (direction north) while the tide was low, until we got to this place called Sundownen, which is situated a bit higher up than the rest of the beach. From there we got some drinks and made our way over the rocks into the water to watch the sunset, which was more than breathtaking. Apparently this is the place to watch the sunset as we noticed that a huge crowd had gathered behind us to watch as well. Just a word of warning, by the time the sun goes down, the tide will have come up again so most of the way back is submerged. 4 out of 5 people in our group slipped on the rocks on our way not underestimate how slippery they are! Also, we stupidly couldn't find a shallow path to cross back to the rest of the beach, so we ended up wading through water up to our bellybuttons, only to realise that we should've followed the same path we used to get there where the water is shallower. It was worth it though and made for some excellent laughs :)
Afterwards we had a seafood feast at one of the beach shacks, all of which serve super fresh, super tasty seafood.
Do not miss this beach! When I make it back to Goa, this is where I'll be staying.


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